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How to get a Meeting with Anyone

By Stephanie Vozza We all have that one person who we’d love to meet—the best business contact or our biggest creative inspiration. When Brad Lawrence and Michael Zach started the art apparel and body paint company BLVisuals in 2010, they dreamed of getting their goods in front of music star Macklemore. “He inspires us and we’d love to meet him,” Zach told…
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Person Smiling with Be Happy Sticker on Head

Retaining Good Employees

Keeping Good Employees Idea of the Day:  Getting people (and companies) to change is hard. And the “carrot-and-stick ways of ‘motivating’ people are so ‘last century,’” says Keith Ferrazzi of Ferrazzi Greenlight — even a financial incentive won’t necessarily get people to embrace a new way of working. So what does motivate workers to embrace change? It’s all about the personal…
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Can marketing be dangerous for your business?

What Should I Be Doing to Market My Business? I am often asked, “what kind of marketing should I do?” When asked why? It’s typically because of poor sales. In my experience of coaching hundreds of businesses in the majority of cases, they have a fundamental issue which more marketing will not solve. Mediocrity! As…
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What Is Your Value Proposition?

Money is a Scarce Resource The only way for the business to truly benefit from spending its scarce resources on marketing is if the customers the money spent attracts return not occasionally, but regularly. But, if the marketing has been a façade, a false skin, over the actual business, buyers will experience buyer’s remorse and…
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Could Your Business Be Targeted for a Cyber Attack?

Don’t Be a Cyber Attack Victim Cyber Security is becoming more and more important all the time. As we start taking payments from clients online we need to make sure everyone is protected. Ben Toews, of Bullet Tools, never expected his business would be targeted for a cyber attack. Then it was. Ben shares his…
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