Helping Businesses Thrive and Grow

The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.

—Max DePree

Growth Strategies

The best news a business owner can hear is that demand is high. The worst news a business owner can hear is that their business cannot meet the demand. Consulting with the North Idaho SBDC can help put your business on course for steady growth at a pace that meets your market’s demand.

The Idaho SBDC works with established businesses to assist with their expansion and put them in the best place for future growth and success. Growth issues below are just some of the areas that our team of talented consultants and coaches can help you with during confidential one-on-one sessions. 


Finding new markets

Dealing with personnel issues

Strategic planning

Business assessment and benchmarking using our licensed Profit Cents tool

The growth strategy you choose depends on how large you want your small business to become. Whatever growth strategy you choose, most successful businesses start with a sound business plan to implement the strategy. As the owner of a growing business, your continued success depends on your ability to envision the future; plan adequately to meet market needs; and have sufficient human resources, management systems and financial capital to meet and exceed your goals.

Are you?

1. Considering acquiring another business?

2. Positioning yourself to be purchased?

3. Franchising your existing business model?

4. Maintaining your existing business and planning for moderate growth?

5. Thinking about succession plans?

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