Success Stories


Ventry Solutions

Hauser, Idaho

“Our exporting has tripled because customers are asking for us after they find us on the Web,” says Joan, adding that she’s gotten valuable help from George Atchley and the export team at the Idaho Small Business Development Center in Post Falls.

The successful marketing formula also includes word of mouth — live and electronic. She said a customer in Spain introduced the product to interested parties in Portugal, Sweden and Argentina. “Social media is growing exponentially because people talk,”  (Read more…)



Energy Recruiting Services

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

“Some companies would falter under such growth, but what differentiated Tom and Melissa was they stayed true to the company’s core value – making a difference in people’s lives by providing employment in those industries. That company value has led them to establish long-term relationships”  (Read more…)

~Mike Wells, NISBDC Business Coach



ExtraTech Corporation

Post Falls, Idaho

“Clarity about your goals, clarity about what you do well and how you want to do it, and clarity in communicating with your employees.  I wanted to push myself harder… and improve my leadership methods so the company would be even more self-guiding.” (Read more…)

~James Fillmore


Idaho SBDC success storyTaylor Painting

Hayden, Idaho

In 2010, Brian Taylor sought assistance from the Idaho Small Business Development Center. He began to work with his coach, especially in the area of processes and systems.  In 2012, his business saw a 130 percent growth with strong profit margins.  His business grew to 82 employees, as Taylor worked up and down the West Coast. (Read more…)



LaugingDogLaughing Dog Brewing

Sandpoint, Idaho

“Fred and Michelle are perfect business owners to work with, they are passionate about their business, committed to a quality product and have a vision of what their future business model will look like. They also grasp the importance of business fundamentals, such as profit margins and customer service.”  (Read more…)

~ Mike Wells, NISBDC Business Coach

“Our production is up 91 percent for the year,” Colby said, estimating that as many as 5,000 barrels will go out the door for the period. “We’ve got seven employees working two shifts and we’re looking for another person to add to our packaging line.  (Read more…)


image001 (2)

Insurance Shoppe

Post Falls, Idaho

“Sometimes you are so close to having a great idea and you are just missing one little piece of the puzzle and a fresh pair of eyes from the outside with a great deal of experience in the business world can help to complete the circle.  I think business owners have a tendency to work too much as technicians in their businesses and don’t spend enough time working on the business. The SBDC coaches really stress taking an hour or so each week to work on your business.”  (Read more…)

~Aimee Delevan

Jill EditedNorthwest Tile & Floor 

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

“Having a mentor see my business from the outside, without all the emotion, is truly enlightening.  The coaching forces me to step back, evaluate and forecast the future of the company. I feel empowered by the road map Julie helped me to develop.”  (Read more…)

~Jill Swoboda

Skip Meyer pic

HighPoint Medical, Inc.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Skip and Melissa have a long list of satisfied customers. Their clients are from a broad background and include single providers, multiple provider clinics, individual surgeons, surgeon teams, and small to medium sized hospitals. “Customer service and sincere concern for our client’s success has been vital in our business.  If our clients aren’t successful…neither are we. In fact our growth has been nearly 100% based on referrals from satisfied existing clients,” states Skip.  (Read more…)




Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

“Logistics has been a challenge since Vivo has hundreds of vendors, sells thousands of items per week and each item has to be entered, priced and tagged. They have 4 full time staff dedicated to this department alone, led by Samantha Gibbs who has been with the company since day one. As a Christian based company, they seek to operate all aspects of business with great integrity so individuals with high character are a requirement.”  (Read more…)


Doug Larson of Advanced Molding Concepts

Alternative Molding Concepts

Post Falls, Idaho

“I worked full time at one job, my wife Karen answered the phone while I was at work, and we ran product in the evenings and weekends for our customers. We worked at it day by day then, all the while following up on leads and trying to grow sales. We have been very fortunate in growing Alternative Molding Concepts and quite honestly could not have done it without the help and support of the Idaho Small Business Development Center and many others.”  (Read more…)

~Doug Larson

Dave and Dave; Kate and Vlady in background.

Sea Kayak Adventures, Inc.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

“There are a million special memories, laughing and sharing with groups, telling jokes and talent shows around campfires, stargazing, night paddling in bioluminescence, dolphins leaping suddenly into the air, the bellowing blow of a whale nearby….it goes on and on”  (Read more…)

~ Nancy Mertz



Evans Brothers Coffee Roasting

Sandpoint, Idaho

“One thing we have learned that would help other business owners is to take a realistic self-appraisal, understanding your own skills and weaknesses. It’s not important to know everything or be good at everything, but it is important to get help where you need it.”  (Read more…)

~ Rick Evans