30 September 2014
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30 September 2014,

najlepsza strategia na opcje binarne The only way for the business to truly benefit from spending its scarce resources on marketing is if the customers those $ attract return not occasionally but regularly.

vef usd azioni binarie But, if the marketing has been a façade, a false skin, over the actual business, buyers will experience buyer’s remorse and let everyone know about it. The business will now be worse off having spent its scarce resources without sufficient return.

binary option forum So what is Value Proposition?

scommettere sulle opzioni binarie Simply put, it’s how well your business solves your target customers‘ key problems or meets their key wants or needs. The key words being “how well”.

handla med binära optioner bluff How can a business tell whether it has a good or poor Value Proposition?
Two thing: Margin and Repeat Customer%.

trade 60 opzione binarie If a business has exceptional Value Proposition your Target Customers will come back. Not only come back but be willing to pay a higher price. Which means very good margin for your business.

What’s a good retention rate? In my opinion better than 70%.
What’s a good margin? Much, much better than your industry stat.
Remember Industry statistics means the overall Average!

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