AI helps homeless shelter

AI Is Good Business For Local Homeless Shelter

For St. Vincent DePaul homeless shelter,  AI is good business.  SBDC client, SARA Works, applies it’s virtual assistant program to help the homeless and relieve the burden of case management.

When “SARA” sends texts checking in to see how the job and housing search is going for homeless clients, her questions sound natural enough that sometimes people forget she’s not a real person.

“She’s been invited to dinner many times,” says KD Nyegaard, the founder of the Career Index in Coeur d’Alene and creator of SARA.

While not exactly the goal, it’s a positive sign that the artificial intelligence assistant is doing her job well.  She handles grunt work for case managers so they can spend more quality time assisting their clients, all in a way that is easy and natural.

With the Career Index, Nyegaard’s company helped make things easier for case managers who assist people with finding jobs, specifically through vocational rehabilitation. But they wanted to know: What’s the biggest thing preventing those case managers from doing better work?

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