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Building a Business From the Ground Up

After coaching with SBDC Business Coach, Warren Mueller, [Tyler] had developed a concrete plan to better manage growth and employees to build a profitable business.

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Chateau Construction’s Blueprint for Business

Chateau Construction of North Idaho knows building.  They’ve been remodeling and building new homes in North Idaho for more than 11 years.   Along the way, they’ve built a solid business as well.

When the building industry crashed in 2008, Chateau Construction owner, Tyler Vranich, found that his company’s contracts had dried up and his position as a Field Superintendent for large construction jobs was eliminated.  So, he took his toolbelt to town and picked up as many residential remodels he could to wait out the drought.   

One job led to another, then another, and so on.  He soon had a solid foundation upon which to start his own construction firm.  It wasn’t long before bathroom and kitchen remodels turned to large scale additions and custom home builds. 

Eager to make a go at his new venture, he accepted every job he could.   Demand for his services grew quickly.  He went from hoping he could support his family to wondering when he would be able to see them again. 

“I found that I could sell the jobs all day long” says Tyler, “but I could only work so many hours in a day”.  But no matter how long or hard he worked, there was never enough time or capital to put into expanding. He wondered how he could grow to serve more clients and increase profits.  He was essentially ‘up against a brick wall’. 

Tyler soon realized that building a business was much like building a home, something that was going to require a well-designed blueprint.  After coaching with SBDC Business Coach, Warren Mueller, he had developed a concrete plan to better manage growth and employees to build a profitable business.

Tyler’s business tips for the DIY enthusiast?  Don’t.  Get a mentor, partner with someone that knows business but can look at yours objectively.  “Connecting with the SBDC was a huge deal for me.  The classes opened my mind to how much I didn’t know about running my own business.”  Comfortable wielding a variety of power tools, evaluating financials and determining jobs costs were another story. “Warren really helped me know what questions to ask about my business.”

Building for his former employer is booming today, but he wouldn’t go back.  “It’s definitely a challenge.  I wear a lot of different hats every day,” says Tyler about owning his own business. “But the best part is when we get to build a trusting relationship with our clients. When they involve us in their projects, bringing their ideas and our experience to the table, together we accomplish something that they had only hoped was possible.”