Could Your Business Be Targeted for a Cyber Attack?

Hello, This Is Amazon…Not! 

Reposting this as I received this email in my inbox today and if I hadn’t thought it was a bit suspicious I probably would have clicked on something in the email that would set me up for some sort of a cyber attack or hacking event.

This is the phishing email I received

What first made me suspicious is that it wasn’t telling me what I bought for over 200.00 from Amazon. Second I checked the from email address and it although the address name said the actual address was not from Amazon at all.

But what makes these types of emails work is because you know you didn’t buy something from Amazon for that amount. So what is your first instinct? To click on the order number to find out what it even is that you supposedly purchased. Since I didn’t, I am not sure what would have happened, but I am sure it would not have been good. 

These types of emails are why you need to train your employees on what to look for when they receive emails that are unsolicited (or for orders that they know they didn’t make) etc.

Because when an employee opens an email on your office computer that is attached to your office servers it now opens up the entire company to several potential issues. 

Don’t Be a Cyber Attack Victim

Cyber Security is becoming more and more important all the time. As we start taking payments from clients online we need to make sure everyone is protected. Ben Toews, of Bullet Tools, never expected his business would be targeted for a cyber attack. Then it was. Ben shares his business’s story and advocates for all small businesses to take action to protect their business today! 

And you can find more information here on this page: Cyber Security and Your Business

Note: Also received one from a local Chamber of Commerce today and from Silverwood last month saying I needed to click a link to see my current invoice. Both came from what looked like ex-employee email addresses. But unless you knew they were ex-employees you would probably click the links.