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Rapid Growth for a New company is Good, as Long as You’re Ready

Energy Recruiting Services specializes in permanent job placement and hiring for careers in the energy, drilling, oil and fracking industries. They expanded quickly after opening in 2011.  So Melissa McElfish, owner and President of Energy Recruiting, wanted to make sure they grew the right way.  “I started this business with my husband, and at the start, he was gone working in the oil fields,” McElfish said. “We wanted to properly manage the expectations of all our job candidates and companies within a reasonable amount of time.”

Energy Recruiting Services, headquartered in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, serves the oil and energy industries in numerous states, including Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, Colorado and Texas.  In addition to job placement, the firm offers start-up business assistance and HR resources for oil and energy companies.  Energy companies can expand into new areas quickly, leaving them little time for finding quality job candidates. Energy Recruiting Services simplifies the process with quality pre-candidate screenings and placement.

Exceptional Reputation To Fill The Need

“We have an exceptional reputation to help fill the need for qualified employees,” McElfish said. “A lot of our new companies are referrals from companies that are happy with our services.”  Their success made sense, given the experience of Melissa and her husband, co-owner Tom McElfish. Melissa previously worked in business management and client relations, while Tom spent years in construction management, including oil pad
construction and the reclamation of the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota.

With that natural expertise already in place, they had to make sure the firm could grow rapidly without becoming overextended. To ease the transition, Melissa and Tom sought the advice of the Idaho Small Business Development Center and business coach Mike Wells. He helped the company hire an attorney and an accountant that would be key to calculated growth.

Helps to Have Outside Eyes

“It helped having someone with an opinion outside myself and Tom when we were unsure of certain decisions managing our growth,” McElfish said.  Wells credited Tom and Melissa with staying levelheaded during the

expansion.  “Some companies would falter under such growth, but what differentiated Tom and Melissa was they stayed true to the company’s core value – making a difference in people’s lives by providing employment in those industries,” Wells said. “That company value has led them to establish long-term relationships,” he said.

Energy Recruiting Services focuses on placing blue-collar workers in the oil fields. This includes truck drivers, mechanics, roustabouts, and equipment operators. Part of their recruitment process is explaining the lifestyle that comes with working in the industry.  “We have personal experience with what it’s like to have loved ones and family members work in the oil fields. We take the time to help candidates understand that it’s a sacrifice to leave your family for the work,” McElfish said.

Key to Success is Finding a Niche

 McElfish’s believes the key to any growing business is finding a niche. For Energy Recruiting Services, that’s offering personalized and thorough hiring.  “Their exceptional vetting process provides qualified employees to those employers, which sets them apart from their competitors,” Wells said.

Lost River operations manager Shane Gardner praised the simplified hiring process through Energy Recruiting Services.  “We tried our own hiring at first. Only to find that it was very time consuming and that researching each prospect was nearly impossible,” Gardner said. “Energy Recruiting Service made my life so simple.”

We Take Pride In Relationships

Last year, Energy Recruiting Services placed 175 candidates in oil fields across the country. They are currently adding positions weekly for new areas and positions. McElfish said they hope to expand into other markets in the energy industry to triple their growth in the next five years.  “We take pride in taking the time to create a relationship with our candidates. That way they can feel confident that they will be successful in a long-lasting career,” she said.

 Energy Recruiting Services is located at 1044 Northwest Blvd, Suite C, in Coeur d’Alene. The company has five employees and five independent contract recruiters. More information can be found on the company website, or call (208) 635-5783.

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