Goal Setting Needs to Become Part of Our Daily Routine

Everyone always seems to focus on setting goals once the new year arrives, but goal setting (especially if you are a small business owner) should happen more often.

In the article below you will find some tips about goal setting that will include:

  • Creating Your Big Picture
  • Breaking Your Goals Into Smaller Steps
  • Surrounding Yourself with Your Goals Daily
  • SMART Plus Heart Goals
  • Setting Aside Time for 90 Day Check In’s

Check out the link below to read in detail about each of them and how you can start to implement them today! Plus, don’t forget our coaches are here to help keep you accountable to the goals you set.

The countdown to the new year is on. It’s that time when we reflect upon the previous year and set big goals for the year ahead. Maybe you’ve already written down your goals, said them out loud to family and friends, or made a vision board.

While many of us start January 1 with great goals and plans for the year, around mid-February (or earlier), life gets in the way and all those amazing goals start to drift further and further away.

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