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How Highpoint Medical Runs A Successful Business

Skip Meyer High Point Medical
“Customer service and sincere concern for our client’s success has been vital in our business.  If our clients don't run a successful business, neither do we.

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Meet HighPoint Medical

Skip and Melissa Meyer own HighPoint Medical, a successful business located at 693 W. Canfield Avenue in Coeur d’Alene. HighPoint offers practice management to local and national medical providers. They focus on Practice Management and Billing, Software Implementation and Training, and IT Support and Hosting.

Skip brings more than 20 years of experience in business ownership, leadership training, and team development. As a team, Skip and Melissa have personally owned and operated several successful business medical/aesthetic clinics. They were also the National Directors of franchise development in a large medical/aesthetic company.

Satisfied Customers Leads to Successful Business

Skip and Melissa have a long list of satisfied customers. Their clients come from various backgrounds including single providers, multiple provider clinics, individual surgeons, surgeon teams, and small to medium-sized hospitals. “Customer service and sincere concern for our client’s success has been vital in our business.  If our clients don’t run a successful business, neither do we. In fact, our growth has been nearly 100% based on referrals” states Skip.

Skip remembers when they received a call from a clinic needing help with receivables. That afternoon one of their billing staff went to the clinic in person. The clinic manager and the doctor were overjoyed that a live person was there to help.

“There are numerous companies out there that offer one or two services. But it’s almost impossible, to find a company focused on all three,” says Skip.

Value People

Skip and Melissa wanted to create a culture where people are valued. Their first priority was to find team members who shared their values. Skip and Melissa value the input, creativity, and participation from their staff. 

Although they owned and operated companies before, they never had much experience running a successful business or in leadership training. They enrolled in a yearlong “Entrepreneurial Leadership Training” taught by Bill Jhung, Director of the Idaho SBDC.  Bill taught and coached them on lots of things including managing your team, financial analysis for decision making, hiring the right workforce, creating a culture of innovation and ethics, and essentials of leadership.

Hands-On Training for Interns

HighPoint Medical also believes in hands-on training and works with North Idaho College through an internship program. This internship allows students to learn the practical side of running a medical practice.

So what do Skip and Melissa believe is ultimately the key to a successful business? They state it simply: “invest in strong relationships and empower your team.”  With a 16 member team and growing, Skip and Melissa are extremely optimistic about the future of their company.

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For more information on High Point Medical please visit or call 866-766-1335.

For more information on Idaho SBDC at North Idaho College, please visit or call (208) 665-5085.