One-on-One Coaching

The North Idaho SBDC offers free, individualized, and confidential one-on-one coaching for existing business owners, and start-ups with the potential for job creation, revenue and profit growth, and new business development ideas that could stimulate economic development in the North Idaho region and beyond.

Coaching services are available by appointment to both existing and start-up business owners. It starts with a simple application. You tell us about your company and your needs and we give a truthful assessment of whether we think we can help. Then, we establish goals to work on (business loan, equity capital, etc.) and we work together to reach that goal. Appointments are available in person or via ZOOM – whatever works for your schedule. Think of it as having another confidential member on your team – someone who is specifically focused on the business goal you identified as most important – and at no cost to you.

The North Idaho SBDC is staffed by certified business coaches who provide entrepreneurs with business assistance and tools to aid in their business success. Our Business Coaches specialize in the following fields:

Business Plans

Instruction in creating business plans, as well as ongoing review, helps clients create a road map for a successful business. An effective business plan includes company history, demographics, operations, administration, financial, products/services, economic considerations and marketing sections. Clients learn to compare actual business results against projections on a regular basis to gain the business plan’s full value.

Capital Sourcing

Knowledge relating to obtaining capital from private or institutional sources aids business owners in finding appropriate funding and helps clients assess their qualifications to obtain loans.


The North Idaho SBDC offers information to assist small businesses through the procedures of selling to government agencies. Learn what is necessary to qualify and bid on government contracts.

Product Pricing

Review of the product pricing, product mix and gross margin contribution can assist business owners in focusing on their most profitable products to enhance their sales figures.

Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations

Creation of a cohesive marketing plan and knowledge of marketing techniques can lead to improvement and expansion of sales. Learn to promote your business using various media, advertising, and public relations techniques.


eCommerce often refers to the sale of physical products online, but it can also describe any kind of commercial transaction that is facilitated through the internet. Stay informed and know whether eCommerce can help your business model.

Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights & New Product Development

Information relating to intellectual property helps a business protect products, logos and business names with trademarks, copyrights and patents. New product development gives clients ways to transform their ideas into marketable products.

Business Start-Up/Home-Based Businesses

Start-up business ventures profit from information relating to the sound business practices necessary to begin a business, as well as such necessities as license and permit requirements.