Small Business Trivia

Do You Know The Answers?

Can you answer these questions about Small Businesses? Jamie Lynn Morgan talked to the Hayden Chamber of Commerce today and instead of the usual powerpoint presentation, she decided to play a bit of trivia with the breakfast attendees.

Going to post the questions here and then answer them in follow-up blog posts for each question. Feel free to put your answers in the comments section below. Cue the Jeopardy theme…

  1. What is the maximum number of employees a business can have to still be classified as a “small” business?
  2. How many small businesses are in the United States as of 2017?
  3. Of the 120 million US workers in the workforce what percentage of them work for a small business?
  4. Approximately how many businesses are started each month in the United States?
  5. What is the percentage of small businesses that fail within the first year? in 5 years?
  6. What is the average take-home salary of a small business owner?
  7. Approximately how long does it take to start a business in the United States? (From the idea to filing all necessary paperwork: EIN, business filing, etc.)
  8. What percent of the total cyberattacks that happen yearly happen to a small business?
  9. In 2011 what was the total combined revenue of all small businesses operating during that year?
  10. 82% of small business fail for this reason, what is it?

How many of them can you answer without googling them? Inquiring minds would like to know!