Taylor Painting

Brian Taylor spent years learning the painting trade in California.  In 2002, he took his experience in residential and large-scale commercial/industrial painting and started a company – Brian Taylor Enterprises, Inc., B. Taylor Painting & Drywall, Inc., B. Taylor Painting, Inc.

In the beginning, Taylor worked alongside his crew. His customers were happy but his workflow led to a hardship when he found himself looking for new jobs as soon as the current project was coming to completion.  When a four-wheeling accident landed him in an arm cast, he was forced from the ladder and spent his time working on his business.  It would be a better move than he imagined.

He met with customers, built relationships with general contractors and introduced himself to apartment managers.  He found that having his crew do the painting while he focused on management was a better business model.

Larger Multi-Family Home Projects

Over the years, Taylor’s business excelled in larger multi-family home projects. He focused his energies and building relationships with apartment managers and homeowners associations.  His plan succeeded.  In 2005, for family and lifestyle reasons, Taylor moved his family and the business to the Coeur d’Alene area and continued to increase his business.  “He realized he had created a good business but wanted to take it to the next level,” according to a press release.

In 2010, he sought assistance from the Idaho Small Business Development Center. He began to work with his coach, especially in the area of processes and systems.  In 2012, his business saw a 130 percent growth with strong profit margins.  His business grew to 82 employees, as Taylor worked up and down the West Coast.  His five-year plan includes opening a branch operation in every major city on the West Coast but maintaining his family and business’ headquarters in North Idaho.

Information: www.btaylorpainting.com or 762-9933.

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