Dale and Shawnda Rainey are owners of the Vivo clothing stores which cater primarily to late teens to 30-year-old women.  Upon moving to the area, the Rainey’s analyzed the market and determined there was a need for an affordable clothing store. They opened their first Vivo store in downtown Coeur D Alene in 2009 at 311 E. Sherman Ave, their second in the Spokane Valley Mall in 2010 and their third in the Spokane NorthTown Mall in 2011.  Website  The Vivo clothing stores are boutique style, yet their prices are competitive with any department store.

Adding Jobs

Currently, Vivo has 22 employees and will add another 6-8 for the summer season.  They contribute to local charities by selling bottled water and all of the profits go to local charities. It is up the staff at each store to decide where the funds go, which makes a local connection to the need.

Logistics has been a challenge since Vivo has hundreds of vendors, sells thousands of items per week. Plus, each item has to be entered, priced and tagged. They have 4 full-time staff dedicated to this department alone. Logistics is led by Samantha Gibbs who has been with the company since day one. As a Christian based company, they seek to operate all aspects of business with great integrity so individuals with high character are a requirement.

Opening Another Store

The Rainey’s intend to open another store in the spring of 2012 in Downtown Spokane. Also, there is a possibility for a processing facility in Hayden with a retail outlet.  In early 2013, they will begin opening stores in the Seattle market and intend to open at least 6 in the area over the next few years.

Dale has been self-employed for 24 years and is currently CEO of an international commodities trading company. He has founded over a dozen companies and is currently a Business Coach at the SBDC in Post Falls.  Shawnda has been self-employed for 14 years in the retail industry and has founded 3 companies.

Giving Back

Dale Rainey became a volunteer coach at the Idaho Small Business Development Center in 2009. Dale said, “There is a tremendous satisfaction in helping a business owner turn around a company or take it to new heights.  The coaching staff at the SBDC is an amazing group of highly skilled individuals that are dedicated to helping their clients succeed.”  Dale attributes much of his success to the advice and feedback that he has obtained from the other coaches.  He had been in business for 20 years when he became a coach himself. “I have learned more in the last 2 years, than in the previous 20 as a result of the interaction with the other coaches.  Leadership is key; you must set a destination and lead your company there.  Practice what you preach and trust your staff, you can’t do it alone.”

Idaho SBDC at the North Idaho College exists to help businesses thrive and grow by providing no-cost business coaching, high-impact business training, and free resources to business leaders.  For more information please call (208) 666-8009 or visit

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