When Clients See Results From Our Training Classes

Nancy took the “You Have a Website Now What Class” and then received some follow up help from me to put what she learned from the class into practice. We have comments and success stories like this often, but we don’t always remember to share them. — Jamie Lynn Morgan, Marketing Coach


Hi Jamie!

Just thought I’d give you an update on MY whole SEO process here. Finally made all the changes per your class instructions, almost all are now completed. As I upload something new, I double check it is right. If I renew a listing on Etsy or Ebay, I am tweaking the listing just a bit so that it has new content. I’m beginning to see my efforts paying off online, that is, seeing my new citations on Google, both from my Etsy site, my own website, and my Google blog. So WOOHOO!

Interesting thing happening on Etsy now. I’m seeing people favorite items that have long been sitting there for ages, so it tells me the search engine is picking them up with the correct SEO titles and presenting them to buyers. And, my Social Media numbers are going up. Another WOOHOO!

Thank you again for all your help. If you find Google is updating their SEO again, and its something that would dictate changes to a user like me, do keep me in your file for more classes.

Still am stumped on Instagram, so if you ever do a class on that one, keep me posted.

All my best, and YOU ARE THE BEST! Have a great weekend!

Nancy Hall

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