You Are Never Too Big to Fail

GE Powered the American Century — Then It Burned Out

For years GE was at the top of their game. They grew so large and profitable that no one would ever imagine they could fail. Then September 11th happened and the “Titanic” started to sink.

If you have been following the stock market you know that GE stock is on the verge of being labeled junk and last time I checked it was trading at $7.98 a share (January 2nd, 2018 price).

It shows you that even some of the largest companies in the world can falter and fail. So the question becomes, how do you as a small business owner avoid this? Well, unfortunately, there isn’t a magic formula you can follow. But there are steps you can take that will help you:

  • Increase profits through solid business strategies
  • Expand client volume through targeted marketing
  • Grow sales through vital network development
  • Create an energized work environment through effective leadership

If you are struggling in any of these areas as a business owner we encourage you to take our Building a Profitable Business Series of training classes and take advantage of our coaching services.

They came by the dozens in luxury sedans, black Ubers, and sleek helicopters. As they did each August, General Electric’s most important executives descended on a hilltop above the Hudson River for their annual leadership gathering.

Just an hour’s drive from New York City or a short flight from Boston, Crotonville, N.Y., is the home of GE’s management academy, famed for culling and cultivating a cadre of leaders the company saw as its most valuable product.

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